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Greatest Wealth is health

Ayurveda is the ancient science of how to create a long and healthy life.

Peace. Rejuvenation. Relaxation.

Ayur Rathna is a world-class Ayurvedic Treatment center in Chowara, Kovalam offering a comprehensive and holistic treatment approach with an equal emphasis on preventive and curative health care. Situated at the heart of Kovalam the center is filled with lush green lawns, swaying palm trees and a spaciously laid out traditional embellished Ayurvedic hospital building offers treatments for serious diseases with ambiance and hospitality offered at the resort.

Adopting a holistic ayurvedic treatment philosophy, Ayur Rathna offers an integrated approach by offering the best Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala combined with Yoga, Diet and Fitness and Rehabilitation services. Ayur Rathna is privileged with an accomplished team of doctors and Experienced Therapists.

We Treat God Heals

Care begins with an accurate diagnosis, based on which the doctors create a customized treatment plan to treat the disease and not just the symptoms. Through the effective ayurvedic therapies in Ayur Rathna you can also feel that Ayurveda is not only a powerful methodology of healing but also a way of living.

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Rooms at Ayur Rathna ayurvedic center is designed to prove all modern facilities in a natural setting. All rooms offer excellent privacy and are open to landscape areas and gardens providing a serene atmosphere ideal for healing.

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The Multi-cuisine Restaurant at Ayur Rathna Provides fresh and healthy foods that are tasty and healthy. Ayurvedic Physician stipulates the special Ayurvedic diet food to the persons undergoing the ayurvedic programs.


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Green Leaf LogoAyur Rathna Ayurvedic Resort has been Awarded Green Leaf Certification by Govt. of Kerala for its excellence in facilities and Ayurvedic treatments.

Oushadi LogoAyur Rathna is a Franchise of Oushadi (100% Govt of Kerala Medicine Manufacturing Company that produces about 450 Ayurvedic Formulations).

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