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Ayurrathna Ayurvedic Resort provide the best snehapanam ayurveda treatment in Kerala. The word snehapanam literally means the oral intake of medicated oils or ghee preparations. This is done as a therapeutic procedure and also as a preparatory process during the body purification therapy.  This is a fine treatment for digestive disorders like ulcers and IBS, certain skin diseases like psoriasis, rashes boils etc. Moderate and superior doses of snehapanam ayurveda treatment are found to be effective for urinary disorders, diabetes mellitus, gout, and epilepsy. Medicated ghee, eaten in empty stomach, for the first-hand therapeutic value is called snehapanam. The treatment involves the removal of hard-core toxins and wastes from the body.

The ghee lubricates all the channels of the body, including the lymph, and forces out the toxins from them, into the digestive tract.  It also calms down the mind and reduces mental stress. As a result, the body immunity increases, the effects of the ailments subside and frequent recurrence of the disease is prevented. It also increases the person’s appetite level and accelerates peristaltic movements of the intestine.

In Snehapanam procedure, the exact duration of snehapanam and type of ghee to be used are decided by the doctor, considering the type of disease, age, place, climate and body constitution. No other medicines other than ghee are taken during the treatment. A strict diet pattern has to be followed as per the doctor’s advice. After snehapanam ayurveda treatment, purgation is strongly recommended.

  • Snehapanam Benefits :
  • • Skin diseases like psoriasis
  • • Peptic ulcer
  • • Urinary disorders
  • • Gout
  • • Chronic ailments like piles, constipation etc.
  • • Diabetes mellitus

Snehapanam ayurveda treatment is given as a first therapy before performing other ayurvedic treatments. and we also recommend fasting to the patients so that a good amount of energy is taken from Sneha by their body.

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