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Ayur Rathna’ s Ayurvedic Stress Management Treatment has been proven to be one of the best treatment for stress. We have a decade of experience in treating stress-related issues.

The term “stress” is difficult to define and may mean different things to different people in divergent circumstances. Stress is said to be one of the largest killers of man today. Stress is now becoming more accepted as being crucially related to our total health – physical, mental and emotional.

Some stress is appropriate, even productive, we now know that too much stress can be quite harmful, and can compromise our health physically, mentally and emotionally. Stress has a negative effect on our body systems. You might have experienced that when you are stressful, your hunger goes away. Even your favorite dish annoys you. This example is just a tip of an iceberg. There are many lasting negative effects of stress.

ayurvedic stress management

The two powerful body systems cope with stress. The nervous system controls the rapid body changes, while the endocrine system regulates the longer-term patterns of the stress response by releasing hormones into the blood. The adrenal activates the sympathetic nervous system, reducing the normalizing effects of body function. This increase the metabolic rate, heart rate, circulation and blood pressure. In addition, the effectiveness of the digestive system is diminished and disturbances in sleep patterns become common.


  • Ayurvedic Stress Management Treatment includes:

  • Abhyanga:

    Thoroughly oiling the body, by way of abhyanga, loosens deep-seated metabolic waste materials, and brings elasticity to the body tissues. It then moves these waste materials to the gastrointestinal (GI) tract for removal. It also promotes flexibility in the joints, coordination, and a general sense of well being.

  • Shirodhara :

    Shirodhara is the therapeutic administration of warm oils to the center of the forehead in a continuous stream. Shirodhara helps in calming the mind and the nervous system. It can alleviate mental and emotional stress and facilitates the unfolding of clarity and bliss.

  • Shirovasti :

    Shirovasti means pooling the liquid medicines, especially herbal oils and ghee in a chamber or compartment constructed over the head. This pampering treatment not only provides relaxation to body and mind, it also keeps many diseases and stress at bay.

  • Thalam :

    A medicated paste is applied on the top of head and left for about 20 minutes. The mental stress faced by people today has resulted in multiple problems and Thalam Ayurvedic therapy is directed to treat conditions like lack of willpower, inability to concentrate etc.

  • Yoga :

    A number of studies have shown that yoga may help reduce stress and anxiety. It can also enhance your mood and overall sense of well - being.

Apart from these treatments, strict regimen and lifestyle changes are advocated.  At Ayur Rathna we are providing effective treatment methodology for Ayurvedic Stress Management Treatment based on the Ayurveda lines of management coupled with years of experience and dedication.

If the patient can come for the treatment in early stages of the disease, an even complete cure is also possible provided patient follows all the guideline including diet restrictions strictly.

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