Ayur RathnaAyurvedic Treatment for Gynecology

Ayur Rathna’ s Ayurvedic Treatment for Gynecology Diseases can cure Irregular menstrual cycles and other such gynecological issues. Ladies – young and old alike – are confronting countless issues, for example, menstrual irregularities, severe pain and discomfort amid menstruation, excess and heavy bleeding, the absence of menstruation, white discharge, infection, infertility, cysts, fibroids etc.

Women are always considered sacred and worshippable in the Indian culture. It is described in Ayurveda that the health of the entire civilization depends heavily on the health of its women.  There are detailed descriptions in Ayurveda on how to maintain good health in women and it also prescribes for the best Ayurvedic treatments for gynecology diseases. These are based on natural holistic principles and safe.

ayurvedic treatment for gynecology


  • Ayurvedic treatment for Gynecology includes :

  • Uttarabasti:

    Uttarabasti is a very useful ayurvedic treatment. Various medicated oils are used in this method to treat the patients. An aseptic condition is maintained and these oils are passed into the uterus.

  • Yoni Prakashalanam:

    This is an important ayurvedic treatment through which vaginal route is cleaned or treated with herbal oil and medicated decoctions. These treatments have been proved to be helpful in purifying all the genetical organs.

  • Yoni Pichu:

    One of the most useful and effective treatment could be yoni Pichu. Medicated oils are prepared and small tampons are immersed in them. After some time, these tampons are placed inside the vagina. This remedy could be used if a woman is suffering from any kind of vaginal infections or discharges.

Ayurvedic treatment for gynecology diseases has been proved to be successful in fighting against infertility, breast-related problems, menstrual problems, leucorrhoea and many other issues.

These ayurvedic treatment for gynecology are getting a brilliant response from the masses. Modern medicines usually harm other organs of the body while treating gynecological disorders. It may lead to hair fall, obesity, skin dryness, dullness and many other such symptoms. The best part is the medicines used in all the treatments by Ayur Rathna are made of natural herbs.  Hence you would not face any side effects.

Apart from these treatments, strict regimen and lifestyle changes are advocated.  At Ayur Rathna we are providing effective treatment methodology for treating gynecological disorders based on the Ayurveda lines of management coupled with years of experience and dedication.

If the patient can come to the treatment in early stages of the disease, an even complete cure is also possible provided patient follows all the guideline including diet restrictions strictly.


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