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Ayur Rathna Ayurvedic Resort in Kerala have years of experience in solving digestive related issues, we have been proven to be one of the best Ayurvedic Treatment centers for Ayurvedic treatment for Indigestion in Kerala.

Today, every individual faces indigestion in some form or the other. A sluggish, constipated, swollen digestive tract, retaining huge fecal matter in the digestive system is the core reason for several diseases.

On the physical level, Ayurveda teaches us that the health of the digestive system is the single most important long-term determinant of your health and well -being. Healthy digestion leads to a healthy life and unhealthy digestion leads to an unhealthy life.

Healthy digestion assures that all of the nutrients taken in through eating are assimilated in a healthy manner into the cells that become you. In other words, you are what you digest! If your digestion is healthy, your body can produce healthy tissues (dhatus). When digestion is weak, the tissues of your body such as muscle, blood, and nerve becomes weak susceptible to disease.

The cause (Nidanam) of digestive disease lies in our actions.  By indulging our sense of taste in an unhealthy manner we upset the balance of the bodily doshas.  It is stated that ‘Vata, ‘Pitta’ and ‘Kapha’ the natural substances included in human physiology are extremely disturbed on account of intestinal problems.

Ayurveda, which provides holistic healing by bringing back harmony with the universe, assures relief from digestive disorders. In Ayurveda, herbs, massage, metals and other techniques are used with an aim of cleansing the body and restoring the balance. The treatment offered for digestive disease includes both symptomatic and asymptomatic treatments. The main asymptomatic treatment is the rectification of the lifestyle and eating-related defects. The symptomatic treatment utilizes herbs to target the affected subdoshas, Agni and ama.

Apart from this Ayurvedic treatment for Indigestion, strict regimen and lifestyle changes are advocated.  At Ayur Rathna we are providing effective treatment methodology for Ayurvedic treatment for Indigestion based on the Ayurveda lines of management coupled with years of experience and dedication.

If the patient can come to the treatment in early stages of the disease, the even complete cure is also possible provided patient follows all the guideline including diet restrictions strictly.



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